About Us

ResortCleaning was created for vacation rental housekeeping. Its all we do!

ResortCleaning was founded in 2008 to improve the communication and scheduling process between Property Managers and Cleaning Companies managing short term vacation rentals. To truly understand the root of the issue, we went directly to the Cleaning Companies to listen and understand the process from their side.We quickly realized almost all the companies we talked to (and we talk to a lot) create their own custom system primarily using various combinations of dry erase boards, legal pads, excel spreadsheets, and a lot of paper.

Our first priority was to develop an easy to use, custom software solution for the Cleaning Companies with all the time saving tools features in one system.

About Us

Most PMs simply provided the Cleaning Company with their departure schedule and expected (hoped) everyone would show up when and where they were supposed to. As simple as this process sounds, it is much more complex than that. Guests frequently change the dates of their vacation or cancel their reservation altogether causing the Cleaning Company to constantly cross reference their schedule against the departure report. This manual task is where the breakdown occurs.

ResortCleaning is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the various Reservation Software Systems and booking sites used by PMs and owners. These systems working together is critically important and keeps everyone on the same page and eliminates the manual process.

What started out as a simple online scheduling tool has evolved into a complete software solution for the Cleaning Company that works seamlessly with the technology on the Property Manager side. Today, we have the privilege of working with Property Managers and Cleaning Companies across the country. Together, with continuous feedback on an ever-changing industry, ResortCleaning continues developing the tools and features to consistently turn out 5-Star guest reviews.