About Us

ResortCleaning was created for vacation rental housekeeping. Its all we do!

In 2009 our founder was banging his head on his desk after yet another missed cleaning. At the time, he was a property manager. Like so many property managers, everything ran smooth until a back to back housekeeping departure clean was missed and guest walked into a dirty unit. Frustrated and determined to find the best software for managing the cleaning process for his vaction rentals he looked first to property management software to fix the problem. They made many promises of being able to develope the best property management housekeeping software available and after it release, it was quickly apparent that while the add-on was well thought out and nice to look at, it didn't work.

Why?! Because the Cleaning company had no active role in the software. How can you develope a software for someone and not let them use it? That is exactly what happened. The best case scenario was to allow the Cleaning Professional access to our Property Management software exposing them to our guests information?! That wasn't going to work. Regardless even if we made them do it, our cleaning company refused to log in because they did not just work for us, they worked for 10 other companies who wanted them to all log into their system as well. The problem hadn't been solved, but made worse.

This is where we started. Our Founder quickly realized that the Vacation Rental Cleaning Professional did not have any software designed specifically for it. We designed ResortCleaning from the ground up for cleaning companies that manage multiple clients in multiple locations.

ResortCleaning has evolved every day since its beginning in 2009 and continues to grow and change as the industry grows and changes.